Shelf Configuration Consulting

Our goal is to help retailers improve sales and profitability through space and product assortment, and recommend product and package mix based on market trends.


  • New Items and capitalize on market trends
  • Use sales movement to determine item mix
  • Product mix based on trends, sales, and demographics
  • Ensure that there are no out of stocks based on days of supply
  • Key brands at eye level – brand power and profitability



  • Capture current products and packages within the retail account
  • Discuss set ideas and goals with retailer
  • Determine unit movement threshold for cutline

Items below cutline are deleted

  • Use sales numbers to determine space and days of supply
  • Use retailer information, market data, and demographics to create reset proposal
  • Meet with retailer to discuss flow, new items/deleted items, days of supply

Make adjustments that retailer would like

  • Schedule date to implement reset with in-house reset team

Remove all product and shelf tags from cooler
Clean shelves and grates in cooler
Fill cooler using the new schematic
Re-tag cooler shelf
Place deleted for retailer markdown

Draught Team

Doll Distributing also offers  draught services through our dedicated Draught Team. This group is composed of some of the best Draught Technicians in the US. They install draught units, clean lines, and can troubleshoot and fix any issue that may arise with your draught system.