Beaverdale Fall Festival

Sep 17, 2021 - Sep 18, 2021

More than 20 years ago, merchants in the Beaverdale area first began the annual fall tradition now known as the Beaverdale Fall Festival.  Sidewalk sales, carnival rides, music, beer tents and a parade were centered around an Octoberfest theme and were known as Beaverdale Days.  Cold weather eventually caused the event to be moved into September, and the name was changed to the Beaverdale Fall Festival.

In the meantime, Holy Trinity Church had been hosting an annual event each September featuring a raffle, carnival rides, food, talent show, beer tent and a road run.  During the 1980s, the Beaverdale merchants and Holy Trinity decided to combine their efforts, leading to an expanded, single weekend of neighborhood fun.  The parade became a joint effort of the two groups and served as a rallying point, as they began to unify their resources, advertising and planning efforts.