Q.) How many glasses can you get out of a keg. With chart.


A.) Servings are based on containers with a one inch head of foam.


(US gal)
No. of 7 fl oz
No. of 12 fl oz
No. of 16 fl oz
No. of 20 fl oz
Weight of
full keg (lb)
Also known as
5.23 19.8 93 56 42 33 58-60 Sixth Barrel
7.75 29.3 141 82 62 49 90 Quarter Barrel / Pony Keg
15.5 58.66 283 165.33 124 99 140 – 170 Half Barrel / Full Keg



The right collar of foam


A correctly poured glass of beer releases the proper amount of CO2 from the beer in the form of foam, making it smooth-tasting.

  • A 1-inch collar of foam is recommended for most glass sizes, increases the number of servings oer keg and looks appealing the the drinker.
  • Foam is approximately 25 percent liquid beer.
  • Selecet a glass that has a wider top than base, is easy to clean and looks good with beer in it.
  • Don’t draw the beer by the “down-side” method because it reduces the foam head and your servings per keg. It also cause the beer to look flat and taste gassy.


In most cases, if the glass is held straight so the beer drops directly to the bottom, the beer will draw to foamy.


The correct way is shown in the steps below.



No, the color of the beer is completely irrelevant to the alcohol content. Simply put, the darker the barley malt used, the darker the beer will be.



  • 50 days from the Born On date for Anheuser-Busch domestic draught beers.
  • 110 days from the Born On date for Anheuser-Busch domestic packaged beers.
  • Import and Alliance brands of Anheuser-Busch are marked on the package or kegs to ensure it meets the “Freshness Standards.”

Some common asked “DRAUGHT BEER FACTS”.

  • ½ BBL is a full keg and equals 1984 oz. = 15.5 gallons = 6.88 12 oz. cases = approximately 200-12 oz plastic draw cups. The ½ BBL weighs 161 lbs full, 32 lbs empty and is 15 ½ inches in diameter and 23 inches in height.
  • ¼ BBL is a pony keg and equals 992 oz. = 6.75 gallons = 3.44 12 oz. cases. The ¼ BBL weighs 87 lbs full and 23 lbs empty.
  • 1/6 BBL tank is tall and thin with 661.33 oz. = 5.17 gallons = 2.30 12 oz cases. The 1/6 BBL weighs 58 lbs full and 16.5 lbs empty.
  • Draught beer is not pasteurized and must be stored and served below 40 degrees and light beer will begin freezing at 30 degrees so temperature control is crucial with draught beer.



What is skunky beer and when does it turn skunky?

Age is not the critical factor.  Beer can go skunky almost immediately if it is exposed to sunlight.  The older the beer is, the more likely it has been exposed to light.  Skunking is the result of a reaction between the hop compounds in a beer and the UV light.  When the hops are exposed to UV light, they change and give off sulfur like smell.  Most bottled, canned and pasteurized beers will last for many months.  Beers in green glass are more vulnerable to light than those in dark bottles as they will let in more UV light.  Clear bottles let in the most UV light.


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