Winter Wonderland pt. 2

The More the Merrier

Exile's A Christmas Beer - Bock (7.3% ABV): A special doppelbock brewed in limited quantities to bring warm and cheer to you and yours during this holiday season. 

Toppling Goliath Celestial Paradox - Double IPA (7.8% ABV): Collaboration with Lua Brewing & Sapwood Cellars Brewery. Aromatic notes of bright, tropical passionfruit, orange, & grapefruit while still maintaining the fine line of balance. 

SingleSpeed Mint Tip the Cow - Flavored Mint Stout (6.2% ABV): The utilization of cacao nibs, sidecar coffee roasters espresso and organically grown mint leaf make this milk stout a true original. Milk stouts being more sweet than the standard American stout and this one is no exception. A full bodied, creamy beer carrying with it wave upon wave of joyous flavor. 

Kros Strain Hot as Helles - Helles (4.8% ABV): Is it getting hot in beer? If you've got a Hot as Helles, it most certainly is! We took our award-winning German Style Helles and added habanero and fresh jalapeno for some serious heat! As delicious as it is spicy, this beer makes a perfect red beer, a choice chelada, or is amazing all on its own! 

Kros Strain Dunkel Breakin' My Heart - Munich Dunkel (5.6% ABV): All German malts and all German yeast makes for a beer that could only taste better if it were drank in Munich! Dark, roasty, and chocolaty, you'll want to fill your boot with this one!

Millstream Holiday Cranberry Cream Soda - Soda (Non-alcoholic): Just in time for the holidays! Cranberry cream soda will wow you with its sweet and tart flavor. This fresh, crisp soft drink is delightful straight from the bottle or mixed in signature cocktail. Our cranberry cream soda is made with the highest quality ingredients, imported from the North Pole. 

Exile Electric Lemonade - RTD (13.5% ABV): This shockingly refreshing beverage is expertly mixed by the Exile Brewing team and made with natural lemon and berry extracts and Foundry Distilling vodka. *available year round!*