Winter Wonder-BEERS

Sam Adams Winter Lager (5.6% ABV): The first thing one notices about a Samuel Adams Winter Lager is the deep ruby color. Then comes the magical aroma which promises something special on the tongue. The cinnamon, ginger, and hint of citrus from the orange peel blend with the roasty sweetness of the malts to deliver a warming, spicy flavor. 

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (6.8% ABV): There are generous portions of barley malts and fine whole hops of several varieties, creating a brew with full, rich, and hearty character. 

Boulevard Nutcracker Ale (7.8% ABV): This hearty, warming brew is a classic winter ale, deep amber in color, with hints of molasses balanced by the "spiciness" of Chinook hops. 

Breckenridge Christmas Ale (7.1% ABV): At 7% alcohol, with a sturdy texture and rich flavors of caramel and chocolate, our holiday seasonal is the fermented equivalent of a good fire. 

Goose Island Christmas IPA (7.5% ABV): Christmas IPA is a malt forward IPA using 6 different hops throughout the process. Subtle stone fruit and wood notes balance with caramel malt on the palate dry-hopped with Meridian, Ahtanum, and Cashmere. It's got a bit of an old school feel on the malt side with caramel malt and a lovely red hue to go with the classic kettle hop backbone. Nicely balanced and dry, this little number dons a big, fruity aroma. 

Stone Twelve Days of IPA (Various ABV): This case of holiday cheer includes 12 individual beers spanning rebrewed fan favorites, current best-sellers, and never-before seen beers making their early debut. Given as a gift of kept for yourself, beer drinkers can now explore a 12-day journey of IPAs from one the world's most celebrated IPA brewers. 

Stone Xocoveza (8.1% ABV): This amazing flavor profile is evocative of Mexican hot chocolate, featuring coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a generous amount of chocolate, we concluded it was the perfect stout in celebration of the holidays + the entire winter season. 

Toppling Goliath Holidotz (4.7% ABV): Festive, refreshing, + fun! One time per year TG brews their classic Dorothy's lager with cranberry, apples, + cinnamon for a delicious holiday treat. 

Backpocket Winter Lager (5% ABV): An easy drinking festive lager brewed with cranberries and orange tea as well as a blend of wintery spices. 

August Schell's Snowstorm (6.3% ABV): A malt forward ale with crisp hint of rye!

Samuel Smith Winter Welcome (6% ABV): Honey-amber colored, creamy head of small bubbles, floral aroma, and delicious caramel malt flavor with great finesse. Fine hop aroma finish and a fruity note from fermentation in open-topped stone "Yorkshine Squares"

Boulevard Cranberry Tank 7 (8.5% ABV): This limited variant of Tank 7 is available for all of your holiday gatherings, with the same familiar flavor and aroma of our award-winning saison, but the addition of a fun festive twist of a tart and tangy holiday staple. 

Great Divide Hibernation Ale (8.7% ABV): A classic English-style old ale. Hearty and warming in character, when winter approaches, it's time for hibernation. 

Left Hand Brewing Candy Cane Nitro Stout (9.5% ABV): Take a walk down Candy Cane Lane and experience the aroma of rich chocolate, fresh peppermint, and a hint of coffee. This smooth, full-bodied imperial peppermint milk stout is reminiscent of peppermint bark and will keep you warm and cozy on a cold winter's night. 

Revolution Brewing Fistmas (6.5% ABV): This holiday red ale is steeped with ginger root and orange peel, resulting in a beer with aromes of fresh baked bread, caramel, and stone fruits. Fistmas was brewed with specialty malts to achieve a beautiful deep red hue. 

Boulevard Quirk Seltzer (4% ABV): Quirk Cranberry Apple Cinnamon invites you to fall into cooler days - spicy cinnamon swirls together apple and crisp cranberry juices for a cozy hard seltzer. 

Firestone Cinnamon Dolce (6.0% ABV): Firewalker's nitro stout reimagined into something entirely new and seasonal, accentuating the beer's rich, chocolatey malt character with real cinnamon spice and premium Madagascar vanilla beans. 

Lexington Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter (8% ABV): Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter is brewed with cocoa nibs and 100% barrel-aged to build out a rich, full body porter with notes of bittersweet chocolate, roasted malts, oak, vanilla, and rounded out with a sweet toffee finish. 

Big Grove Jingle Jam (6% ABV): Dashing through the snow with guava, passion-fruit, and tangerine in seasonal harmony that rings all the right bells. 

Big Grove Burch the Bear (5.2% ABV): Smooth, refreshing, but full of flavor this American Brown Ale is the perfect warmer for colder weather. History buffs will recognize Burch as the original mascot for the University of Iowa football team. 

Big Grove Into the Woods (6.3% ABV): A friendly brew with Copper Kettle (Colorado), raspberries and blackberries give a tart, fruity zing to this delectable treat. 

Year Round Favorites:

Nutrl Cranberry Seltzers (4.5% ABV): Vodka. Seltzer. Real Juice. These refreshing vodka seltzers are made with real vodka and real juice. The cranberry variety pack contains Classic Cranberry, Cranberry Apple, Cranberry Orange, and Cranberry Grapefruit. 

Cutwater White Russian (13% ABV): Cocktails made easy with Cutwater. This White Russian is made with Cutwater Vodka and coffee cream liqueur. Drink it straight from the can or over ice topped with ground cinnamon/cinnamon stick. 

Cutwater Espresso Martini (13% ABV): A new flavor of Cutwater you say? This ready to drink Espresso Martini from Cutwater is made with Cutwater Vodka, coffee cream liqueur, and cold brew coffee flavor. Enjoy cold, straight from the can or shaken over ice.