New Flavors of Summer!


Nutrl Vodka Seltzers: Black Cherry and Orange - 2 New Flavors!! These ready to drink cocktails are made with Real Vodka, Seltzer, and real juice!! So light & refreshing which is the perfect way to wind down on a hot, summer day! 

Truly Vodka Sodas Variety Packs: (5% ABV)
-Classic: Lime, Mango, Blueberry, and Pineapple
-Twist of Flavor: Blackberry & Lemon, Peach & Tangerine, Cherry & Lime, and Cranberry & Pineapple
-Paradise: Mango, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, and Blood Orange

Sierra Nevada Tropical Little Thing (7% ABV): Ditch the mainland with Tropical Little Thing, a hazy island getaway hopped for ripe aromas and flavors of mango, papaya, and passion fruit. Savor this tropical escape this summer! 

Keg Creek Summer Fling (4.3% ABV): This raspberry lemon sour is the newest from Keg Creek this summer! 

Central Waters Passion for Pineapple (7.1% ABV): A blast of fruity, tropical flavors right to the brain! Juicy hops, succulent pineapple and marvelous passion fruit work together to bring you this wonderful hazy IPA. To be enjoyed on a beach, boat, porch or wherever good times and sunshine are present! 

Exile Raspberry Hibiscus Ruthie (4.8% ABV): A beautiful pink hue, light on the palette, with lingering notes of raspberry and hibiscus. 

Exile The Swarm (4.2% ABV): A light and refreshing Golden Ale, brewed in support of the SWARM NIL program. 

SingleSpeed One Margarita (5.4% ABV): Carefully crafted as the perfect pairing with the song "One Margarita". 

Canned Cocktails & Ciders:

Wilson's Orchard Raspberry Hard Cider (5% ABV): A fabulous hard cider with raspberry, made here in Iowa. 

Carbliss Tequila Margarita (5% ABV): A zero carb, zero sugar, full of flavor Tequila Margarita - all in a can.  Summer patio drinking couldn't be made easier. Made with real tequila. All the other flavors of Carbliss are the 'it" item for summer as well: Black raspberry, black cherry, passion fruit, lemon, lemon-lime, cranberry, and pineapple. 

Two Brothers Strawberry Vodka Lemonade (7.5% ABV): This Strawberry Vodka Lemonade features Two Brothers Vodka, while strawberries and lemonade blend seamlessly to achieve desired balance of sweet and tart.