Summer Brews to Sip On

Now that we’re headed into the dog days of summer, we’re looking for new ways to relax and cool off. Some may think cooling off by the pool is the way to go, while others believe cranking the AC is the only solution. Either way you decide, make sure you’re cooling off with some of these new and trending brews! 

Boulevard Quirk 

As Boulevard’s move into the seltzer sphere, Quirk sets itself apart by using real fruit juice and all natural ingredients. They’ve also added some new exciting flavors, such as strawberry lemon and basil, blackberry sage, and pear yuzu. With only 90 calories, you can sip guilt free while being able to enjoy summer activities. 

Malibu Splash 

Everything you love about Malibu Rum packed into a 12 oz can! This malt beverage is making a splash this summer with flavors like Pineapple & Coconut,  Strawberry & Coconut, Lime & Coconut, and Passionfruit & Coconut. This canned cocktail will give you beachy vibes wherever you decide to enjoy them! 

Bud Light Lemonade 

When life hands Bud Light lemons, they go ahead and make Bud Light Lemonade! Brewed with real lemon peels, this radler is the perfect addition to your cooler to beat the summer heat. You can purchase alone or enjoy in a Peels Pack with lime and orange varieties!

Truly Lemonade 

This new twist on seltzers has got everyone talking. Think the Truly you know and love, and add lemonade that packs a punch of flavor with 100 calories and only 1 gram of sugar! With flavors such as original lemonade, black cherry, strawberry, and mango, you won’t have a problem finding your go to flavor. 


This premium seltzer is looking to pack a punch with it’s current seasonal flavors, which include: Pineapple Basil, Lingonberry Elderflower, and Blood Orange Chili. Crafted with natural ingredients, this new flavor is a welcome change in the market. If that doesn't interest you, they also have their staple flavors like Blackberry Hibiscus, Pomegranate Ginger, Lime Lemongrass, and Grapefruit Cardamom. 

Corona Seltzer 

Last, but not least, Corona’s foray into the seltzer arena has people talking. With zero carbs or sugars, you can enjoy these with no regrets. Their flavors include Tropical Lime, Mango, Cherry, and Blackberry Lime. These seltzers make it much more easy to find your beach, whether cooling off in the shade or soaking up the sun!