Spring Time Flavors


Toppling Goliath Munich Weiss (5.6% ABV): Brewed in old-world Weissbier tradition. Hazy and deep-glowing orange with a soft, pillowy, and cloud-like head. Delicate aromas of cinnamon and clove baked into fresh bread. 

Big Grove Sherman Hill Champagne (4.2% ABV): Designed and developed at the DSM brewery to honor the historic neighborhood, this classic light lager is the perfect light and refreshing beer for any occasion.

West O Lake Beast (6.1% ABV): Features prominent notes of grapefruit and mixed berries with soft, pillowy mouthfeel. No bittering hops are used to make Lake Beast, making it extremely refreshing and crushable, perfect for your next trip to the lake. 

Surly Mosh Pit Hazy (7.2% ABV): Roiling with Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops, the flagship hazy IPA thrashes with juicy, fruit-forward flavor. 

Surly Mosh Pit Juicy (5.5% ABV): Citrusy, tropical hops turn up the volume on this juicy, approachable pale ale. 

3 Floyds Turbo Reaper (7.0% ABV): West Coast Style IPA, with colossal hop aromas rise in harmony with tropical and citrus notes you better run for cover. 

3 Floyds Jinx Proof (5.7% ABV): This refreshing continental-style pils has a light body combined with a pronounced noble hop aroma and a crisp dry finish. 

Great Divide Tangerine Riot (6.4% ABV): A jolt of zesty, citrus aroma begins the delicious charge on your senses before flavors of tangy, balanced sweetness give way to a juicy burst of hops. Finished crisp and dry.

Great Divide Samurai (5.0% ABV): A classic brand reborn, SAMURAI is the perfect beer for your zen garden after battle, or your patio after a long day of work. The addition of Jasmine rice creates a slightly floral aroma leading into an effervescent, crisp, easy-going lager suitable for the most peaceful of warriors. 


Surly Velvet Jam (9.0% ABV): Massive cherry and raspberry additions give this fruited sour a tantalizing pop of sweet/tart flavors. 

Big Grove Summer Jam (4.2% ABV): A refreshingly tart berliner weisse that's jam packed with raspberries, blackberries, and cherries. Tart, jammy, refreshing... the perfect beer for summertime shenanigans. Pairs with sunshine, laughter, and a good cheer!


Quirk Blueberry Slam (4.0% ABV): Crafted in partnership with the Kansas City Royals, Blueberry Slam leads off with real blueberry and lemon juices, complemented by a blast of bubblegum flavor for a seltzer built for the ballpark. 

Truly Unruly Variety Pack (8.0% ABV): Who knew you could fit this much fun, flavor, and refreshment into one case of seltzer? Well, Truly did... but now you do, too! With 8% ABV and four delicious flavors, it's time to pick up a pack and get Unruly. Strawberry Smash, Tropical Twist, Berry Blast, Citrus Crush. 

Truly Tequila Lime Soda (5.0% ABV): Truly is taking the good vibes to new heights with new Truly Tequila Soda. This refreshing blend of real fruit juice, sparkling water, and premium Tequila Blanco sourced from a family-owned distillery in Mexico will excite your taste buds!
Truly Soda Mixed Pack (5.0% ABV): Lime, Grapefruit, Spicy Watermelon, Pineapple Guava. 

Carbliss Strawberry Margarita (5.0% ABV): Get ready for a flavor explosion with our Strawberry Margarita. It's like biting into the juiciest strawberry, where the sweetness and zest come together in perfect harmony. Just when you think the taste adventure is over, a touch of tequila sneaks in with a cool, confident finish. it's the perfect mix of sweetness, sass, and joy in one glass. 

Carbliss Peach (5.0% ABV): It's flawlissly peachy! Ever find yourself craving a drink that perfectly marries flavor with a refreshing kick, without veering into territory that's too sweet? With Carbliss Peach, it's all about hitting that sweet spot, ensuring every sip is a refreshing and satisfying journey. 


Revolution Brewing Super-Zero (0.0% ABV): Non-alcoholic sparkling hop water with Sabro and Nectaron hops. The combination of these popular new hops gives Super-Zero a citrusy, refreshing, hop-forward flavor, without relying on extracts or sweeteners. 

FMB (Fermented Malt Beverage):

Anheuser-Busch Beach Days (5.0% ABV): Blue Raspberry, Peach, Lemon Ice, and Watermelon flavored drinks, making you ready to seize the day. 

Twisted Tea Blueberry 24oz Can (5.0% ABV): Just like those blueberry pancakes mama used to make, but better. If your afternoon with the homies is starting earlier in the day, FYI, it still makes a great breakfast.