Order Online!

Doll Distributing- Des Moines is currently offering online ordering for our Retailers.  Check out the info below and sign up today! 

What can you do with Retail Portal? 

 - Accounts Payable - 

  - Access Past Invoices

  - See Order History 

- Delivery Status - 

-See your order cutoff day and time

  - Find out when your next order will arrive 

- Inventory - 

  - Get up-to-date inventory and pricing on all products 

  - Get access to the full product catalog 

- Place Orders Online - 

  - Convenient, self-service ordering

  - Orders go directly into our system for convenience and accuracy

  - Your Rep can see, modify, and help with online orders

- Create custom shopping lists to make re-ordering easy

Just like consumers use Amazon to buy products when it's convenient for them, Retailer Portal gives our customers the ability to manage their accounts whenever and wherever it works for them! 

Sign up today by clicking on "Retail Portal" at the top right of the page!