8,500 Annual Riders, 8 nightly stops, 428.1 miles, 12,576 feet of climb, and plenty of beer to quench your thirst, could only mean one thing.... RAGBRAI!

This year, bikers from across the world will descend on our great state to ride end to end. This year the conquest starts in Onawa, Iowa on Saturday, July 21st and ends in  Davenport on Saturday, July 28th.  Overnight stops in between include Denison, Jefferson,  Ames, Newton, Sigourney, and Iowa City. Anyone else smell an ISU vs Iowa competition happening somewhere in there? I sure do! 

RAGBRAI began as a casual ride for a few friends back in 1973 and quickly grew in popularity and because "the longest, largest and oldest recreational bicycle touring event in the world" according to their website. Due to the increased number of riders throughout the years, RAGBRAI now limits the amount of riders to the above 8,500. You must register ahead of time and entered into a lottery system in order to participate, but no worries, if you are in a group you can all register together! 

If you're heading out for the long trek this year, be sure to stop and hang out with our Michelob Ultra and Goose Island SWAG Teams! We'll be out to ensure you have a great time.

Now here's something you'll want to read.... The FIRST group of 5 to  find the Goose Island or Michelob Ultra SWAG Team  in both Jefferson and Ames, will win a really cool prize!! Trust us... you'll want to win this.  We'll be watching for you! … Oh and if you find us first, you'll have to honk like a goose to win. Good luck!