Oktoberfest is in the air!

Come one, come all (if you're 21+) and step right up to celebrate the World's biggest Beer festival! Officially starting in Munich on September 22nd- October 7th, Des Moines will start celebrating right about …… NOW! There's nothing wrong with celebrating a 208 year old tradition of the Crown Prince's wedding for months! Heck, it originally started out as a 16 day long party!

If you've been out to the grocery stores, you've probably noticed a slew of Octoberfest's or Oktoberfest's to choose from. Let us review just a small list of our favorites for you to try.

    First, Paulaner- Oktoberfest Marzen- this delightful beer has been brewing since 1818! No one describes this brew better than Paulaner themselves, so take a gander at this.. "The glass is full of October sunshine, strong and golden. The perfect balance of a light taste of hops and a strong note of malt. A feast of a beer, which always goes down well. This beer is only brewed for the Oktoberfest. That's where it belongs, along with all the fun of a fair like the Ferris Wheel and roasted almonds." Wowza…. someone want to grab me a glass?!

    Second, Goose Island Oktoberfest, is a traditional Marzen style and pours a stunning "cooper over rose color". The smell of burnt sugar and tastes of died apricots will have your taste buds dancing to the finest polka band you ever did hear! What are you waiting for? Fly like a goose and grab a 6 pack today!

     Third up, Samuel Adams Octoberfest. Sam's smoothly sweet and lightly hopped character Octoberfest is great for this fall occasion. Pair with some French onion soup, crab cakes, or pot roast and you've got yourself a feast made for a Crown Prince!

Looking for somewhere to celebrate this joyous occasion? Look no further than Adventureland's fourth annual Oktoberfest being held at Adventureland on Saturday, October 6th from 11am to 10 pm. This event will be nothing short of a great time, with lots of live music, delicious food, games, rides, contests, and the best German beers around! Don't forget to stick around and do sing a little hmm bop with musical guest Hanson!

As always, celebrate responsibly and have a great time!