Now Trending: Canned Cocktails

Canned cocktails are on the rise, and there’s no surprise to why. Instead of pulling ingredients out of the cabinets, you get to crack open a can with the same (even better) taste without all the hassle! 


Clubtails are party in a can. Based out of Rochster, NY, Clubtails bring you the classics done right. Each cocktail boasts 10% alcohol by volume with flavors such as Bahama Mama, Long Island Iced Tea, and Sunny Margarita. With this many options, you’re sure to find your next party favorite! 


Starting as a distillery, Cutwater pioneered the craft canned cocktail movement with convenience in mind. Their variety of mixed drinks will give you a can for any occasion, including Mai Tais. Margaritas, flavored vodka sodas, and even whisky choices like whiskey lemon tea or a whiskey mule. If you’re looking for class and convenience, Cutwater is the brew for you! 

Franks Red Hot Bloody Caesars

Originating in Canada, these Caesars will give your ordinary Bloody Mary a run for its money. Made with Frank’s RedHot sauce, you’ll get the familiar great taste with the ease of cracking open a can. All you have to do is give it a good shake and then pour over ice into the fanciest glass you have. Treat yourself! 

Social Club 

Social Club is a canned cocktail with a twist. As a seltzer, you get the low calorie seltzer feel with the taste of classic cocktails such as an old fashioned, sidecar, or gimlet. Other benefits include having flavors you love in a sessionable style, and “no frills” ingredients, meaning you are tasting actual cold-pressed fruits and purified water. Made with intention for those seeking a sophisticated beverage to enjoy, Social Club is “always celebrating the hustle.” 


CANTINA Especial Tequila Soda 

CANTINA Especial has a history dating back to the 1840s, made with 100% Blue Agave Tequila and all-natural flavors. With flavors such as Grapefruit Paloma, Ranch Water, and Watermelon Margarita, you're sure to find your favorite refreshment after a long day. Each favor boasts 5.6% ABV, 99 calories, gluten free, and 1 gram of carbs per serving.