Now Landing: Cacti Seltzer

Described as “down to earth ingredients” and “out of this world flavor”, Cacti Seltzers are finally landing in stores March 15th. This is rapper and  entrepreneur Travis Scott’s first foray into the seltzer industry, and Anheuser Busch wants to collaborate and innovate the category. 

Made with 100% blue agave and all natural flavors, this seltzer has a tequila influence you can taste. With flavors such as strawberry, pineapple, and lime, you’re sure to find a favorite. Each can has 150 calories and contains a hefty 7% ABV. 

Cacti  is part of a new wave of seltzers: ranch water. You’re probably thinking “Ranch water? Like THE Hidden Valley Ranch?” (That’s what I thought at least, my Midwest brain has been hardwired.) But no, ranch water originates from farm hands in Texas and is very simple to make. Tequila, soda water, and lime. Simple, and very refreshing after a hard day out in the sun. With Scott’s Texas roots, it makes sense he’d want to be part of this shift.