Let's talk.... "Busch Light Bowl"

Have plans for this Friday that don't include enjoying ice cold Busch Lights and watching the ISU Cyclones take on the Washington State Cougars, then you're doing something wrong and should reconsider your priorities. Why? Simple! This Bowl is the Bowl of ALL Bowls.... it's the Colossus of Clout... it's the Alamo Bowl... or as its now been dubbed... the Busch Light Bowl! 

As many people know, Busch Light is the official beer of all (LDA) Iowan's. We go together like peanut butter and jelly, mashed potatoes and gravy, and Casey's and Pizza! We fit hand in hand and we drink a lot of it. At the previous Bowl Game ISU attended, we drank the city completely out of it.  So for all those Washington State Cougar fans out there... yeah, it's our Beer. Ope! Sorry, that came off a little harsh and we are known for that "Iowa Nice"... so don't worry, we'll share. 

Making your way south, via plane? Make sure to arrive at the Des Moines International Airport early to partake in the Airport Tailgate! Not only can you mingle with fellow Cyclones, but you can grab some refreshing Bud Light and Busch Light. All you have to do is clear TSA Security. Oh, and a little birdy told me they are giving away some cool Iowa State SWAG! Neato! 

If you haven't already left for Texas and plan on cheering on the Clones from back home, make sure you get out and support your local watering hole, buy a Busch Light or two, and if need be, utilize the Tow 2 Go Program running now through New Years Day! If you celebrate a little too hard for the Big Game, simply remember to call this number (855)286-9246 and they will arrive to take not only you home, but your vehicle too! (More specific details on our events page). Remember, zero fatalities is our goal and getting home safely is the best win of all! 

 Now, let's put on our Cardinal and Gold and Crush the Cougars like we do Busch Light!