Global Beer Responsible Day

We’re celebrating the 11th annual Global Beer Responsible Day this September 18th, and we’d love to share some of our tips and tricks to implement to promote responsible drinking! This year Anhueser Busch is celebrating the launch of the Budweiser Zero, our first zero percent ABV beer. With the full flavor you expect and only 50 calories, Budweiser Zero aims to make every experience with beer a positive one. 

Eat Before Drinking 

It’s generally a good idea to have a meal before a night out on the town. Eating before moderate drinking can slow down alcohol’s effect on you and reduce your chances of a bad reaction to alcohol (aka: hungover).

Hydrate Between Beers 

Drinking water in between alcoholic beverages is a great way of pacing yourself while staying hydrated. You can also achieve this by substituting water with a non alcoholic beverage, like the new Budweiser Zero. A one water to one drink ratio will have your body thanking you in the morning! 

Schedule a Safe Ride Home 

The key to a successful night out is a sober ride home. Drinking and driving is against the law, and it puts everyone’s lives at risk. It’s most helpful to arrange a safe ride home before hitting the bar, either using a designated driver, cab, or a rideshare app (Uber, Lyft). 

Join us September 18th by promoting responsible drinking and recognize those who are doing their part to create a safer drinking culture. This Global Beer Responsible Day, we’ll raise a glass to what we’ve accomplished together and the progress still to come as we work towards building a better world.