For the love of Latte's

It's a known fact that Iowan's love Lattes’. Out of Stater's might think, "Oh, yeah they probably love Vanilla Lattes’ or Caramel lattes’ or maybe even the fall seasonal, Pumpkin Spice Lattes’." But we know better. We love Busch Lattes’, or as some people call them, Busch Lights. For those of you who clearly aren't from Iowa, let me fill you in. Busch Latte' is the nectar of the god's. Handcrafted to weigh in at 4.1% ABV with only 95 calories, Spartacus would have bowed down to its greatness.

With that being said.... we, here at Doll Distributing, decided to give the people what they want! BUSCH LATTE SWAG! What do you have to do to get your paws on these one of a kind items.... follow these simple rules:

1. Follow us on ALL our social media outlets....i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

2. Pay close attention. We will be posting contests and ways to win at random. PS..... a good way to get ahead of the game, look out for the Busch Latte' car driving around Des Moines. If you see it, safely take a picture with it (anything dangerous will be disqualified...sorry not sorry).... tag us (FB: @budweiserDsm /twitter: @budweiserDsm / Instagram: @budweiserdsm) and use #buschlattelove.... and you MIGHT recieve some swag... creativity gives you a better chance of winning.