Aruba, Jamaica, OOO I wanna take ya!

Do me a favor and imagine yourself sitting in a low to the ground beach chair with the warm sun on your skin. You see beautiful white sand beaches all around you, feeling that subtle breeze softly blowing through your hair, listening to the continual crashing of small waves hitting the shore in the near distance, and your hand is chilly because you're holding an ice cold Corona or Corona Light. Oh man! Now this is the dream! Now, I don't know about you, but these two Iconic brands, with one sip, take me directly to the place mentioned above.

Not a fan of the tropics? That's okay! Corona's motto: "Find your Beach", encourages everyone to find that spot that makes you feel like you're on vacation. Enjoy a lovely mountain view? Great! Grab a Corona and enjoy it a little more! Love the hustle and bustle of the city? Awesome! Choose a Corona and make a little more noise!

Craving something on the lighter side? Reach for a Corona Light! With only 99 calories, this drink will slide you directly into paradise! You know what they say, right? "When life gives you limes...… Put it in a Corona Light!" … Okay! Okay! Maybe I just say that... but I bet you'll think of it the next time you crack open these thirst quenching Cervezas!

Not only do these beverages do a great job transporting you to another time, they are also great to cook with! You could use it in your next marinade or check out this link HERE for some delicious Corona Chicken Tacos! This quick recipe is perfect for a busy week night! Obviously pair with a Corona or Corona Light and you're golden!

So, whats next? Go grab some cervezas and enjoy the good life!  

Cheers! *Sound of clinking glasses and a nice long sigh*