Beer Talk- Round Eight

Girl Scout season is nearing the end and I hope you ordered enough to last you a while! Why, because, we’re coming at you with the best beer pairings you ever did see!

First up in our pairings list we have the delicious and savory S’mores! This scrumptious cookie has best been described as “s’mores made over an open fire, just without any of the mess!” If that doesn’t speak the truth, then I don’t know what does! We’d suggest pairing this up with Frambroise Lambic. Frambroise Lambic is fermented with raspberries which offers this pairing a nice fruity contrast to the cookies' marshmallow cream icing and milk chocolate coating.

Caramel Delights are up next! This perfectly chewy and crunchy morsel brings together toasted coconut and succulent caramel in seamless harmony. Now add Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale and your taste buds will be treated to the ultimate experience!  Samuel Smith Brewery was founded in 1758 and is consistently known as offering some of the best beers in the world and Nut Brown Ale is no exception! Nut brown Ale comes in at 5% ABV and 31 IBU and is considered a “festive-occasion beer”. To me, Girl Scout cookie season is an exceptionally “Festive occasion”!

HEY OH! It’s Thin Mint time! Thin mints are more than a mint and more than a cookie. Their epic combination of chocolate and mint, make this a winning combination.  We recommend teaming this one up with New Holland’s Dragons Milk. Dragons Milk  is an Imperial Stout that elevates the thin mints tasteful profile to a whole new level! Dive right in folks, the combo is fine!

Lemonades are a classic cookie that brings warm weather to mind! This shortcake cookie topped with a slightly tangy lemon icing matches up well with Abita purple haze. Purple Haze is a 4.2% and 13 IBU’s brew with a tart and sweet taste coupled with a fruity aroma, created by the real raspberries added after filtration. Give this champion pairing a try!

Well everyone, enjoy! 


“Gather round, peeps, I’ll tell you the truth, nothing beats the cookie season, and that’s the truth!” –Kevin Malone from the Office