It's CY-HAWK Week, Ladies and Gentleman!

If you don't live under a rock, you already know that this is going to be the biggest week in the State of Iowa Sports history! Yes, that is a bold statement, but ladies and gentleman..... its #CollegeAmesDay and things are bound to get a little rowdy!

This is the first time ESPN's College Game day will feature both Iowa State and Iowa during their annual rivalry game. This game tends to be one of the biggest games each year anyway, but this just adds a whole new dimension. I can see it already, tons of signs poking fun of Kirk Ferentz and his Iowa Hawkeyes, and maybe a few signs attempting to make fun of Matt Campbell and the Boys of Ames,  Ice Cold Busch Light in just about everyone's hands, and a smile on their faces as they scream and cheer for their respected team. 

Ever heard of FOMO? We'll if you miss it, you're about to have a major case of it, because it's going to be EPIC! We can't wait to crack open that first Busch Light. I have a feeling instead of hearing bussschhhhhhh, we're going to be hearing the lovely sound of Ammmeesssssssss! 

Reminder, Tailgating lots open at 5am! That makes for a long day, so remember to be like Bobby Boucher, and get some high quality H2O in your lineup. Also, Cyclone fans, don't forget to wear your best Cardinal colored outfits. 

 Oh and .... GO State!