Cinco at Home

I remember when 2020 first came on the scene. Everyone was pumped that this year, Cinco de Mayo was falling on everyone's favorite day of the week, Taco Tuesday! Then COVID hit and peopel started wondering how they we're able to celebrate such a wonderful holiday to the fullest when we can't celebrate in person together. Well, Cinco De Mayo 2020 may look a little different than years past, but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't celebrate it! We've put together some tips to make the most out of this fantabulous holiday. 

Thanks to our friends at Corona and Modelo we have a full line up for tomorrow! 

  • 1: stock up on your favorite Corona or Modelo product. 
  • Corona - the OG - this bad boy has been focused on relaxation and finding your beach from day one. You can't go wrong.
  • Corona Light- with just 99 Calories and dubbed the "Light Cerveza"  You'll be making your Cinco de Mayo a lighter and brighter day! 
  • Corona Premier - the new kid on the block has proven itself as a winner with 90 calories and 2.6g of carbs. It's smooth, perfectly balanced, and ready to party! 
  • Modelo Especial- brewed as a model of what good beer should be, this rich and full flavored Pilsner delivers a crisp, refreshing taste that's ready to pair with those delicious tacos! 
  • Negra Modelo - This medium bodies lager with slow roasted caramel malts was brewed to prove dark beer can deliver not just full flavor but also a refreshing taste! Grab some Negra to to bring a little extra something to your Cinco Celebrations!
  • Pacifico-  Born in Mazatlan, Found in Baja, and Imported by Surfers to the US, there is so much more to discover with this exceptionally drinkable Pilsner-style lager. 
  • Victoria- this Vienna Style lager, brewed in Mexico is about as authentic as it comes. Try some today and taste the flair.
  • 2: Now that you're stocked up, time to order those Tacos! Log into Postmates and use CINCOATHOME to get those delectable tacos delivered fo' FREE! Thanks to Corona all you have to do is tip your delivery driver! 
  • 3: Join Corona's livestream concert featuring DillonFrancis and Diplo at 8pm Central to really get this party going! Corona is planning on donating a dollar to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund for everyone who watches the show (up to $500,000)! 
  • 4: Support our First Responders who are keeping us safe! Show Modelo how you're celebrating at home by tagging them in a post with #CincUp and they'll donate $$$ up to $500,000 to #FirstRespondersFirst Initiative! 

Now that you have some great ideas to make this Cinco de Mayo, the Best Cinco de Mayo: stay home, stay safe, and help these great beers, give back! 


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