"Better For You" Brews to kick off the New Year!

If your 2021 resolution is to eat healthier, you’ll probably want to check out these beers that will help you “drink” healthier too! Doll has many low calories and gluten free options to choose from, so you don’t have to sacrifice taste for a healthier brew. 


Brewed from sorghum, this gluten free amber lager packs a punch with its full-bodied and well hopped finish. Redbridge is the first gluten-free beer available nationwide, so customers with a gluten sensitive diet near or far can enjoy this great tasting beer! 


Omission Brewing’s mission is, “to brew great tasting craft beer made with traditional ingredients, and crafted to remove gluten.” They don’t care about following trends, just to create high quality craft beer for people who have a gluten-free diet. With a bold and hoppy IPA, Ultimate Light Golden Ale, and a bright and crisp Lager, they’ve got all the bases covered for high quality taste! 

Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty 

A mighty hop character with only 95 calories doesn’t sound possible, but let us assure you it is! After a year of research and development at Dogfish Head, Slightly Mighty was born, and brewed with monk fruit. Monk fruit adds complexity and body without adding calories. With tropical notes of pineapple, coconut, mango, and citrus, Slightly Mighty is a beer “both IPA geeks and average folks will dig.” 


Based in the UK, Green’s was born when Derek Green was told to avoid gluten in barley and wheat. Naturally, he created his own gluten free options. Green’s is unique because the beers are brewed naturally gluten free, not processed to remove it after. With the Dubbel, Tripel, and IPA, you’re sure to find a belgian craft beer that gives you all the flavor you want without the pesky gluten!