Beer Talk-Round Five

Beer talk is back for Round 5! Anyone else tired of talking about winter and cold weather?! Well, I sure as heck am! When I think of warmer weather, I think of concerts, and when I think of concerts, I think of Country music! So, that’s what I’m going to write about and just to take it one step further, I’ll pair each country artist with their perfect beer!

Miranda Lambert is up first. She’ll actually be in Des Moines at Wells Fargo Arena on March 15th ,and it is sure to be a good time! If you haven’t listened to Miranda, she’s about as real as they come and so is her music! This animal lover even started, MuttNation, a foundation to promote and facilitate the adoption of shelter pets. After some deep discussions from our team, we decided to pair Miranda up with the brand new brew from Iowa Brewery, BackPocket. They are launching Pucker Up Raspberry Berliner Weisse! Just like Miranda, this delicious brew packs a punch that will have you begging for more!  

George Strait is a classic. He’s what country music is all about. He’s authentic, soulful, and one of the most influential artists in the Business! Known for his hits, Amarillo by Morning, All my Ex’s live in Texas, Give it away, she’ll leave you with a smile and many more; you can’t turn on a country music station and not hear one of his tunes! But Just like George, Budweiser is a true Classic that’s stood the test of time and will leave you with a smile! So, grab an ice cold Bud and some George Strait music and raise one to the true Kings!

Next up, Jake Owen. When I hear his name, one word comes to my mind…. FUN! I dare you to try the Jake Owen challenge! What is the Jake Owen challenge, you ask? Turn on Barefoot Blue Jean Nights, Good Company, or his latest hit I was Jack, and try not to tap your foot or catch yourself chair dancing. I DARE YOU! Now, if I was to compare Jake to a beer, I’d go with Corona Premier! They are fun, light, and both the perfect items to indulge in on a warm summer’s day! Fun little tidbit... Jake will be performing at Guthrie's River Ruckus this coming July 28th, so grab your boots and prepare to dance! 

Last but certainly not least, Carrie Underwood, the fitness queen! Let’s be honest, we all know Carrie is the epitome of fitness, she even has her own workout clothing line, Calia! (if you haven’t checked it out, I highly suggest it). Anyway, Carrie is a true powerhouse! Her voice is powerful, her stage presence is inspiring, and people flock to her concerts! Michelob Ultra is extremely similar. Known for being the perfect beer for those who enjoy working out, Ultra is a powerhouse of its own. People are flocking to this brand just as they are to Carrie.

Now we’ll raise a glass to all the talented men and women who are putting out great music for us to enjoy our favorite beer to!