Beer Talk -What should you be drinking?!

Welcome back to Beer Talk, where beer is always top of mind!  This week, I decided I wanted to switch things up a little.... not a lot, so don't panic. I know change is hard, but I think you're going to like it. I'm going to start a new segment called,  "What should I be drinking?" .  In this little ditty, you'll find my top picks for the week. It's meant to get your to try something new, something you might not have thought about before. So with out further ado, let's go!

It's hot... I mean REALLY hot outside right now. I saw something on the news the other day that Iowa was hotter than Arizona and all those Southern states. If you don't see a problem with that then let me quickly explain. Iowa is north and north is suppose to mean cooler temps.... but NOOoooo! Iowa wants to play hardball and give all those Southern states a run for their money,  so we might as well just deal with it and drink something light and from the south... way south... like Mexico. I suggest you go ahead and reach for the Light Cerveza, Corona Light. With only 99 calories, this brew is sure to keep you from feeling weighted down. Not to mention, their new packing for the summer basically screams island vibes and the slim can is perfect for the lake, golf course, or where ever you want to spend your time.

Next up, Spiked Seltzer West Indies Lime. In case you've never heard of Spiked Seltzer, it's the original! It's what sparked this whole seltzer craze and why? Because it's absolutely delicious. This 6 percenter only has 5g of carbs and is completely gluten free! If that doesn't catch your eye, then maybe the mermaids on the label will because let's be honest, Mermaids are in! The packaging is perfect for the warmer months and will sure to inspire you to take a dive and "Follow your Siren!"

Finally, I suggest you try Schofferhofer. Not only is it fun to say, but the grapefruit flavor screams summer and refreshment.  In case you've never heard of Schofferhofer, it's a Hefeweizen imported from Germany and only boasts a 2.5% abv, which means you can sit on a patio and enjoy a couple of these bad boys. They are also perfect for patio hopping when you're out riding your bike on one of Des Moines many bike trails.

So what'd you think of those suggestions? Ready to go try them? Well, what are you waiting for?! We'll see you back here for the next installment of Beer Talks "What should I be drinking?!"