Beer talk- Round Fourteen- Wine on Tap- Vin26

Wine, where do I begin?! Wine is delicious, easy drinking, and perfect for most occasions, but have you ever been in a bar, craving a fresh glass of wine, but only to hear…..” Sorry, we don’t move through enough wine to carry it?” or even worse, get you a glass of oxidized wine? Well, I have the answer to this frustrating issue! Vin26, WINE ON TAP!

Wine on tap is packed full of environmentally conscious benefits. Don’t believe me…. Take a look at this list!

  • Less wasted wine!
  • Ever have a bottle of wine open for a few days, you take a sip, and spit it back out! Yuck! Well, oxygen attacked your delicious wine and now you’re either going to have to muster the bad taste or just throw it in the trash. Unless, you have wine on tap. Putting the wine in a keg ensures no unwanted oxygen will reach your precious liquid.
  • Guaranteed fresh!
  • Your last glass of wine on tap will be just as lovely as your first! Just like the oxygen, nothing else is getting into your prized liquid.
  • · Major reduction in your carbon footprint!
  • Using wine on tap, ensures you will be eliminating corks, wine bottles, and all those labels from our landfills. Let’s put this into perspective shall we…..
  • Just one single stainless steel keg confiscates the same amount of C02 as 28 trees!
  • Not to mention, each keg that is sold, will eliminate carbon emissions that equal that of taking a vehicle off the road for 2 years… 2 years, people!!
  • You’ll save 2,340 pounds of trash from the landfill by using a keg
  • Save your wait staff’s time!
  • Using kegs, removes the whole time it takes to find which bottle the customer wants, removing the cork, and finally after a few minuets, pouring the wine and serving it! Now, your staff will know exactly where the wine is and can serve in no time!

Now if this list doesn’t entice you, then what about the fact that Vin26 is made by local Iowa winemaker, Doug Bakker! Doug is known for making delicious wines that can be found all around our great state! There is something different about Vin26, though. Doug uses California grapes to crush the competition and ensure you have the best experience possible!

Be on the lookout for Doug and his team this summer at festivals for sampling opportunities!