Beer Talk- Round Four

Welcome back to Beer talk and cheers to round 4! Did you know that this Friday is Employee Appreciation day?! Well, here at Doll, we work with the best in the industry! Our team’s commitment to service and performing their jobs at the highest level makes Doll Distributing successful! Let me take a minuet to share an overview of our teams!

·       Marketing- our marketing team is always out in the market bringing fun to all who meet them! This group of energetic and fun individuals consistently ensures our consumers are up to date on all the latest and greatest products all while guaranteeing a good time in moderation!

·       Sales- our sales team is our front line! These men and women are out in the trade, day in and day out, making sure our customers shelves are fully stocked, that they receive all the best brews available, all while building displays, hanging signage, and going above and beyond for the love of beer! You’ll see these hard working men and women in your local grocery store, favorite pub, and at your neighborhood convenience store. If you spot one, make sure to say hello!

·       Office team – this group of dedicated men and women are made up of our office admins, human resource team, and shelf set team, graphic designers, payroll, pricing, and IT, as well as our forecasting team. They make sure all things run smoothly for our team out on the streets. They pay attention to all the little details and take pride in getting the job done right the first time. We are grateful for all they do, as they are the best in the industry!

·       Warehouse and Operations- These guys load trucks, put product away, build orders, repack cases, take care of trucks and warehouse grounds, and much more! They play a vital role in our day to day operations and we appreciate all their hard work!

·       Delivery team- next time you drive by a Doll Distributing Truck, make sure to wave! This group of great and enthusiastic individuals work tirelessly to deliver our products to your local stores, bars and restaurants! They make things happen! 

·       Draught Team- This group is composed of some of the best Draught Techs in the US. This team installs draught units, cleans lines, and can troubleshoot and fix any issue that may arise with your draught system.

It takes a group of dedicated and hardworking individuals to complete our team and that is exactly what we have! So let’s raise a glass and cheers to all the men and women of Doll Distributing!