Beer Talk - Brewery Highlight!

I'd like to introduce you to Iowa's very own, SingleSpeed Brewing! If you haven't tried their beers yet, we highly suggest doing so. Based out Cedar Falls  with an additional brewhouse in Waterloo. SingleSpeed began brewing 5 years ago. In that short time, they have already claimed the title of one of the best beers in the world when they took home the Bronze in the "Leipzig-Style Gose or Contemporary Gose" category with Ring Around The Gose.

Their mission "is to brew beers built for the venturesome beer drinker, those unafraid to stray from the beaten path of simple flavors established by breweries much larger in size, but not in creative energy. We funnel this creative energy not only towards the formulation of our beers, but also down a path permeated with sustainability principals. As we walk we acknowledge our surrounding environment and all that we touch, paying close attention to leave it either unaltered or in a better state than it was upon our arrival ".  Believe us when we say, they walk the walk. They consider sustainability in all they do and have even earned Iowa's first Green Brewery Certification!

Impressed yet? We thought so, but hold on to your seats while I list off some of their product offerings!

  • Tip the Cow- Cocoa Espresso Milk Stout- "This full bodied, creamy, milk stout has bene touched by the gentle hand of Sidecar Coffee Roasters, resulting in a rich, but smooth option, boasting notes of roast and cocoa alongside velvety sweetness" - YUM!
  • KungFuji Fighting- Belgian IPA- Fragrant citrus zest,  distinctly juicy notes of tangerine and passion fruit complemented by the subtlety of white tea and a saison- like spice" - excuse me … my mouth was watering
  • Equatorial- American Pale Wheat Ale- "A hop driven, session-able American Pale Wheat Ale. Crafted with a focus on complimenting a mellow malt sweetness with tropical hop notes. An ale to be enjoyed throughout our Midwestern Summer!" - Well this couldn't be more perfect for today,.. what do you think!?
  • Victory Dance - American IPA- "A tropical, citrusy, floral blend of hops bring hints of apricot, peaches, and grapefruit forth. Crisp and refreshingly refreshing." ….*Drooling!*
  • Tricycle- Cream Ale- Slightly sweet and citrusy state work together perfectly with it's hop character to ride on! …. "Okay, you've got my attention!"

Well, now that you're probably thirsty, I'll tell you the extra good news! SingleSpeed is now available in cans!!  Currently, you'll be able to find Victory Dance IPA, Tip the Cow, and Tricycle Cream Ale in stores!

Want to check out their website here -->

Thanks for reading today and we hope you enjoy SingleSpeed as much as we do!