Beer Talk - Round Three

Welcome back to beer talk! Where beer is always top of mind!

Well, it’s official. You’ve made it through all the major winter holidays (Christmas, New Years, and of course Valentine’s Day), so now what? If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for something else to celebrate while we wait for the next big Holidays, such as Easter/April Fool’s day, which happen to be on the same day this year! (April 1st) So here are some events/celebrations to keep in mind until then!

1.       George Washington’s Birthday! Good ole George’s birthday is coming up in a few days, on February 19th! As our first President and an avid beer lover, it’s the perfect occasion to crack open a mouthwatering brew and toast the Father of the United States. We suggest following George’s footsteps with a delectable Ale! Not sure which Ale to try? …. Here you go!

  • Urban Chestnut Winged Nut Ale- This 5.4% ABV brew has a slight hoppy character with the IBU’s rounding out at 25. As you sip you’ll get a few unique flavors, since it’s brewed with finely milled chestnuts and fermented in Bavarian Weissbier yeast strain. Your taste buds will jump for joy just as I imagined President Washington did during his victory in the American Revolutionary War.

2.       The launch of Corona Premier! Friday, February 23rd, Doll Distributing will be releasing the highly anticipated Corona Premier. This 90 calorie brew only possesses 2.6 cards and is sure to please your pallet with a smooth and light perfectly balanced experience!

3.       National Peanut Month! The whole month of March has been designated to celebrating the Peanut! You can celebrate by eating plain nuts, scarfing down a peanut butter and banana sandwich, OR by grabbing a peanut butter cookie and Boulevard’s, long awaited, Jam Band! Jam Band is a fruit ale bursting with flavors of blueberry, raspberry, and tart cherry and is sure to be the perfect complement for the whole month of March and the tasty Peanut!

Don’t forget, however you celebrate, celebrate responsibly! Cheers!