Beer talk - Brewery Highlight - August Schell's Brewing

Nestled in picturesque scenery two miles outside of New Ulm, Minnesota, you will find the charming and historic August Schells Brewery. Founded in 1860 (12 years after Founder August Schell and his wife Theresa Hermann immigrated from Germany to the United States) August and his partner, Jacob Bernhart decided their town needed some good German beers! The rest was history and after six generations, the brewery is still going strong and brewmaster, Jace Marti is at the top of his game!

A few years ago, my family stopped in New Ulm for a tour of their beautiful location and it did not disappoint! From the magnificent peacocks that roam the grounds, to the breathtaking views, we recommend making a trip to see it for yourself! Heck, might as well head on up for their Oktoberfest or Bock Fest! If you need any convincing, we suggest you check out the pictures on their website, because one look at those bad boys and you'll be calling all your friends to join you in a little road trip! 

This past week Doll Distributing had the pleasure of welcoming President Ted Marti and his son, Kyle Marti to Des Moines' very own Beer Week! The pair interacted with consumers at events across town and told stories from the brewery.  Ted and Kyle kept us laughing and intrigued with tales of their first jobs to their dirtiest jobs! 

Now, you're probably wondering about their beers, and let's be honest, why wouldn't you.... after all, you are reading a beer blog. So without further ado, here's a little teaser for you.

  • Schell's Citra Blanc- Hoppy Pale Lager- 6.7 ABV with 44 IBU- was just rated a 96/100 in the latest issue of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine! The magazine had this to say about the beer-  "Similar to an IPA, Citra Blanc is hops-forward and refreshing, for those who like their beer to pack a punch.  A citrusy, hoppy lager. Citra and Hallertau Blanc hops create bright flavors and aromatics." Finishing with "Drinks like a cleaner, crisper, and lighter-drinking classic West Coast IPA with a surprisingly "not as bitter as you would think" finish. All the pine-centric hops notes you would want, but in a lager." We think you should listen to the experts and go ahead and give this a try! 
  • Schell's Firebrick -Vienna Style Amber Lager- 5% ABV- This delectable all-malt lager has a lovely amber-red hue and the malt and hop characters blend together for a beer that pleases the palate. You can't argue with perfection and that's exactly what Firebrick is. As the winner of the 2014 World Beer Cup and the Silver Medal winner at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival, you'll want to show this prized possession off to all of your friends! 
  • Schell's Shocked- German Radler- 4.6% ABV- You're taste buds will be shocked by how delicious this Radler is. It's light, refreshing, and best of all, great for the warm summer months! Winner of the 2013 Beverage Tasting Institute World Beer Championships, this beverage pairs great with shrimp cocktail, grilled salmon, or a personal favorite, bruchetta! What are you waiting for?! Go grab a six pack, today! 

We hope you enjoy Schell's as much as we do. It's truly one of a kind!