If you weren't aware that National Beer Day was even a thing, no worries, you have a couple of days left to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Three days to be exact, as the celebration will start sharply at 12:00 am on Sunday, April 7th!

Way back when in the 1920's, America decided that Beer was bad and no one was allowed to drink it. ( insert BOOO's here). Well, a couple of hero's came to the rescue in 1933, when Senator Pat Harrison of Mississippi and Representative Thomas H. Cullen of New York, decided enough was enough and that indeed, this monstrosity must end! The two put their heads together and magic was made in the form of the Cullen-Harrison act.  This Act legalized the sale of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% and below and wine of similarly low alcohol content.  Enacted by Congress on March 21st, 1933 and signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt the following day, the law was effective on April 7th! The Act was the first major step for the end of Prohibition and one giant leap for man kind!

So why isn't this day just considered the Cullen-Harrison Act Day? …. Well, apparently friends, Justin Smith, a Richmond Virginia Craft Beer Examiner and his beer drinking buddy, Mike Connolly from Liverpool, England thought National Beer Day sounded much better and I have to say I agree.  So let's raise a glass and toast Senator Harrison, Representative Cullen, President Roosevelt, Justin Smith and Mike Connolly for their outstanding contribution to history and Making Beer Great Again!!