12 Days of Canned Cocktails

The Twelve Days of Christmas are underway and what better way to celebrate the Christmas countdown with a canned cocktail a day. We have put together a list of 12 of our favorite canned cocktails. Whether you’re looking to reward yourself after a busy day of holiday shopping or an easy way to wow your guests at your holiday get-together, here are twelve delicious canned cocktails to help you enjoy twelve days of Christmas. Don’t forget to stock up on these for the holiday season!

1. Cutwater White Russian

This elevated twist on a classic abides by the old school recipe. Cutwater's award winning vodka with coffee cream liqueur has big notes of vanilla and chocolate. All conveniently canned and ready to drink! 14% ABV

2. Boulevard Fling Mai Tai

Fling yourself to an island paradise where the rules are weak, the drinks are strong, and Hawaiian shirts are essential. An exotic explosion of orange, lime, almond and spice- plus Virgin Islands rum- this Tiki treat is a tropical typhoon of flavor. 8% ABV 

3. Dogfish Head Lemon and Lime Gin Crush

If you've ever visited the east coast, in particular Dogfish Head's home in coastal Delaware, there's a good chance you've either heard of (or indulged in) the incredibly popular "crush" - a drink handmade in the bars where they quite literally crush fresh citrus on top of vodka, gin, tequila or rum. And with roots in the heart of crush country, you guessed it, they have crafted a new take on the crush cocktail that is both citrus forward, crushable and super convenient because they have packaged it into cans! Say hello to the new Lemon & Lime Gin Crush! With bright and citrusy gin at its core, this citrusy sipper is then blended with real lemon & lime juice. Citrus forward and subtly herbaceous, it's a real palate pleaser! Lemonade yellow with a whisper of sea green and a slight haze, the nose is quietly herbaceous with notes of min and basil wrapped around a lemon rind. Botanical and refreshing: the botanicals mingle perfectly with the tart citrus fruit, with a touch of sweetness. 7% ABV

4. Day Chaser Cranberry Vodka Soda

Day Chaser is a ready to drink spirit based canned cocktail with real fruit juice and sparkling water. This easy drinking beverage is perfect for those living an active lifestyle full of adventure. Their Cranberry Vodka Soda has the refreshing taste of a classic vodka soda with a splash of real cranberry juice. 4.7% ABV

5. Canteen Spirits- Black Cherry Vodka Soda

Canteen is the provision of choice for the new explorer. It's packable/portable refreshment that doesn't skimp on flavor. And it's crafted with real vodka, which means zero sugar and no carbs, for better enjoyment. Canteen's Black Cherry Vodka soda is candy sweet but hinting at something darker- Black Cherry. It's the cherry you've known your whole life, but now it's got an irresistible secret. Fruit forward taste with a refreshing finish. Only 99 calories, no sugars, no carbs, no fat, no sodium, and gluten free! 5% ABV 

6. Cutwater Margarita

A San Diego take on a classic. Cutwater's tequila margarita puts a south of the border favorite in the palm of your hand. The tequila imparts a floral aroma with a smooth finish that complements our mix of tart lime, pure cane sugar, and a subtle hint of orange. The combination is a perfectly balanced margarita with a Cutwater twist. 12.5% ABV 

7. Dogfish Head Cherry Whiskey Sour

Bergamot Orange doesn't quite look like an orange, nor taste like one now that we think about it! You may recognize its fragrant, citrusy scent and distinct flavor, as it's the star flavor of Earl Grey tea. It's also found flavoring cookies, custards, marmalades, syrups and now cocktails! Developed to accentuate the nuances of their malt whiskey, this ready to drink cocktail is made using their whiskey distilled with tart cherries and highly fragrant, citrusy bergamot oranges, then blended with a house made sour mix. Light amber in color, it is chock full of oak and vanilla whiskey flavors balanced by notes of citrus and dark cherries with a hint of honey, lemon and bergamot. 7% ABV

8. Boulevard Fling Blood Orange Vodka Soda

Boulevard's Fling canned cocktails are perfect for the holiday season! These all natural, spirit based, ready to drink craft cocktails go where you go. Crisp, refreshing and crafted with care, they're ready for any adventure. Fling yourself to the Italian coast, where hats are big and life is a celebration. The combination of 360 vodka, soda water and a hint of blood orange is beautifully guilt free, just 100 calories and 2g of crabs! 5% ABV 

9. Canteen Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda

Canteen's Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda is drenching of round, mild fresh flavors that finishes with the perfect pop of mint, creating a deeply refreshing, perfectly balanced experience. This canned cocktail contains only 99 calories and no sugars, carbs, fat, or sodium. Gluten free! 5% ABV

10.  Day Chaser Lime Vodka Soda 

Day Chaser is a ready to drink spirit based canned cocktail with real fruit juice and sparkling water. This easy drinking beverage is perfect for those living an active lifestyle full of adventure. Refreshing taste of a classic Vodka Soda with a splash of real lime juice. 4.7% ABV

11. Nutrl Vodka Seltzer 

Coming soon! Ready to drink, made with real vodka, real juice, and sparkling water. Gluten free with zero added sugar, it’s a high-quality vodka seltzer that doesn’t compromise taste. Raspberry, Mango, Watermelon, Pineapple. 4.5% ABV

12.  Cutwater Mai Tai 

Cutwater barrel aged rum, Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum, pineapple, coconut, and citrus combine to balance this bright cocktail with an aged depth.  12.5% ABV