Folds of Honor Scholarship

FHF’s unique scholarships can be applied to schooling now or held by the Foundation on behalf of young children until needed at the time of post-secondary enrollment.  Scholarships are used to subsidize the costs of tuition, school books, fees, room and board, special tools and equipment necessary for coursework, school-approved tutoring, and any other educational expenses that a student’s school may deem appropriate and otherwise unmet.  To date, the Foundation has provided assistance to over 5,000 scholarship recipients.  

General Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants must be the spouse or dependent (defined as 24 years old and younger and unmarried) of one of the following:

-A Service member (of any branch; active duty or reserves) who was killed in action or killed in the line of duty;

-A current service member (of any branch; active duty or reserves) who was wounded in action or wounded in the line of duty and has been awarded a Purple heart medal;

-A military veteran (of any branch) who died of any cause after being classified as having a service-connected disability.

Immediate-Use Scholarships

Awarded to spouses and children of military veterans currently attending or recently accepted into a 4-year or 2-year degree program at an institution of higher education or a vocational program.

Future-Use Scholarships

Awarded to the young children of service members and invested by FHF on their behalf.  Eligible applicants are infants up to, and including, students enrolled in the 11th grade.  Scholarship funds are disbursed to the post-secondary educational institution at their time of enrollment. 

For complete eligibility information and scholarship applications please visit